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How can you get involved? Check our the manifesto and purpose of EEC to learn more. 

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Ms. V is the creator and voice behind everything here at EEC. Head to the About page to learn more about their background. 

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Why did Engaged Early Childhood start?

As an early childhood educator, I have seen a number of alarming trends in the United States. With a shortage in support for teachers, low pay rates, and higher operational costs, programs for ages birth to 5 are running on empty. Early Childhood Educators are often viewed as simple babysitters and receive little to no support, resources or time for quality professional development. It is my belief that by providing more support, more education, more ideas and more experiences for early childhood educators, the better each and every program can become. It is imperative that we begin to recognize the importance of the early childhood educator who can provide a strong foundation in these early years of major brain development. I believe that means we must be prioritizing research backed learning experiences,  hands-on creative play, social emotional building blocks, and free play in an inclusive, welcoming, and caring environment (in partnership with the child's grown ups at home). I hope you will find resources, lessons, events and more on this site that can help you build this incredible foundation in your own classroom or at home. 

Engaged Early Childhood prioritizes LGBTQIA+ inclusion alongside anti-bias and anti-racist education practices.


See more in EEC's Manifesto. Want to get involved? Email me.  

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