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Who's behind Engaged Early Education?

As a current solo endeavor, it is my hope that this will become a community that is led by a handful of engaged, dedicated educators in the future. Curious about how to get involved? Email me.
Wooden Toys
Ms. V

I have worn a lot of hats in the childhood support space over the years. I have worked as a special education one on one supporting children in elementary school, ran my own infant daycare from my living room, and a lead teacher in a larger childcare center. Currently I am working in an administrator role in a child care center as an Education Coordinator running programming and curriculum expansions as well as community outreach. 

Two of the most important roles I carry in my life are as Mom and spouse. I have been with my partner for 17 years and we have one amazing, incredibly cool 10 year old. 

I love professional development and collaborating with other educators. I have taken a large number of professional development courses in varying areas of Early Childhood Ed. as well as having taken many college credits in curriculum management, inclusion, special education and literacy. In 2023 I am working on completing my certification in Montessori training for ages 3-6 in order to support future career goals and will be teaching in a preschool program that is Montessori influenced. 

5 Fun Facts

1. I love TTRPGs and regularly DM a game for my family. 

2. I have 2 elderly dogs - one is 15 and one is almost 17. They are my buddies.

3. I love to buy books. I buy picture books and books for myself nearly weekly - if only I had time to read them all! 

4. I crochet regularly as a means to stop myself from doing work at home. I have to keep myself busy while relaxing, so this became my healthy choice instead of overworking!

5. My favorite places to vacation are national parks and the mountains. 

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