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Hey there and welcome to Engaged Early Childhood! You can call me Ms. V. I'm an early childhood educator in the midwest who decided it was time to use my voice more broadly to support others in our field. I have a few main goals for starting this space:

  1. To provide resources, support, engagement and a community for those who work with children ages 0-5 where they feel seen, understood and supported

  2. To use my voice to advocate for and give space for educators and children who struggle to see themselves, their families and their values in early childhood education

  3. To share resources with other educators because we are really out here just reinventing the wheel every year, in every classroom due to limited resources, limited funds, and limited time for education or professional development

  4. To always guide this practice through an anti-bias, anti-racist, LGBTQIA+ inclusive lens

It is my hope that this space will grow and eventually include far more voices than my own. Nobody is going to advocate for the children in our care, the profession and our fellow teachers and administrators if we sit idly by while legislation continues to mandate educators to go against research based practices and continue to overload and overwork our fellow professionals. As educators we must do what we have always done - support each other - and we have to do it with open minds, open hearts, and by lifting up marginalized voices in our space.

I'm so glad you've found this little corner of the internet. As this space grows, I hope you'll return again and again to help support yourselves, the kids in your classroom and your community at large.

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